Coming Home

Going home is an everyday experience. Regardless whether we are working or studying, we are will all naturally think of going home once the day is done or over. Even for those tired souls who spend their days wandering, the thought of going home is naturally one of the first that comes to mind. The “home” is to everyone a place of rest, a place where we can enjoy the bliss of family life, and it is also a place of assurance.

Indeed, everyone on earth wants to go back home. However, has it come across your mind that the entire human race needs to also go back “home”? That home is God's house. This home today on earth is referring to the church of God, and in future is our heavenly home - the eternal home for the entire human race. The Bible clearly states: “But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them.” (Hebrews 11:16)

Why did God want man to come home (the church), and even prepare a city - an eternal home for man? The progenitor of the human race, Adam, was originally created by a creator - God who is our heavenly Father, and God placed him in the Garden of Eden. But because Adam disobeyed God's command when he was tempted, by eating the forbidden fruit, sin entered, through Adam to the world. As the result all man became sinners.

Since man had sin, he no longer could dwell with God, our heavenly Father, and had to leave His presence. This is because God is holy and He cannot tolerate sin, and He had to chase man out of the Garden of Eden. After man left our heavenly Father, he became a slave of sin; in the sweat of his face he shall eat bread. Not only so, because of sin, man has to die and face the judgement and punishment due to sin after death. Sadly, after passing through the judgement, the final destiny of man is to be thrown into the eternal lake of fire. Man's destiny is indeed tragic, his earthly days are filled only with futility.

However, our heavenly Father is full of compassion and loving kindness that He is not willing to let his own creation to be left to eternal perdition; for God so loved the world, He sent His beloved Son (Jesus) two thousand years ago to come to this earth. Jesus came to bleed and gave His life so that man might be cleansed from sin. He also regenerated those who believed in Him and through the Holy Spirit to lead man back into His bosom to enjoy His presence again. At the same time, He gave His heavenly and divine life to man in the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit so that they might recover the fellowship with the heavenly Father.

This is the second home that you need to come back to - the heavenly home. Today this home is His church, in future is the eternal home. Have you already returned? Hope that this message will help you to return to this eternal home quickly.


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